Cinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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The day Whitney Berringer father died, was also the day she lost Jason and football in her life. For two years since her father died, she stopped playing football. It was Jason's world, and a part of her is afraid to get back to the world that part of her blames that took away his father's life. 

But now, Whitney is ready to return to her world. But seems like some of the people in it are not. Like the sexist coach and Jason himself. So when WB did not get the spot for quarterback when everyone thinks she should, Whitney tried out in Clinton Central Panthers and became their quarterback. 

It is up to Whitney to show those who ridiculed her in the football world just because she's a girl. She has to play up to show them she deserve the place. But first, she has to overcome the stares, sneers, and boys that gets in the way to her goal - football and Jason.

My Review

Being in the Philippines, I did not go to school that has football team. So let me ask first. Is it really possible for a girl to join football team??? I'm just being realistic and not sexist like Coach Harringer, this is just pure curiosity. I've watched tons of movies with football, and the sport is undeniably muscle and strength. And with how Whitney was described, could she really be able to play the game without getting hurt? It is this just for the fun of the story?

I've seen extreme ratings for this book. It's either 2 or 5 stars, so I've mixed feelings in reading this. At first glance, the title and the summary is totally interesting. A girl in the football world amongst all boys is definitely a Cinderella story. However ,when reading, I was disappointed. I was expecting a lot of football actions and how will Whitney proves she deserves to be part of that world. Of course she proved that but... it's like there are other things I her mind that annoys me. First, there are this boys that shows attraction to her and suddenly, she finds herself getting attracted as well. And when that certain boy is quite complicated as she expected and she finds another boy that she caught the attention, she willingly moves on with the next. But then, she finds herself falling in love all over again with Jason. Her reactions towards boys is so annoying and so immature. But annoyed as much as I am, I honestly got nervous during the games. Holding my breath praying she does not mess up and finally prove she is good enough as a quarterback. And I literally sighed with relief when everything is going well.

The story is quite fast, at times I get confuse on what is happening since it immediately jumps from one scene to another with a snap of a finger. It's all about Whitney. Her insecurities, flirting and drama. I never had a chance to get to know Jason that much. I find him interesting and nice but sadly, I am stucked to WB's mind. 

I expected a great story and was disappointed. I was looking forward to the match against WB and Jason and it just went into the epilogue like no big deal, when it feels like all this time the story was building up for this game. A good plot was wasted.


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