Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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An advanced cyborg girl is running for her "life." Being captured would give the enemies the one thing they've wanted for a long time-- the researches of her father/creator. She chose to hide as a new trasfer student named Jay in an  ordinary small town of Snapperton and it's school -- Greenfields High.

Here she met Tyler, the ex-jock and twin sister of a famous cheerleader. For the first time, Jay felt confuse towards her feelings for the twin, especially her feeling to Tyler. She feels there's something wrong in her system, making her malfunction. Day by day, Jay is becoming more human than possible -- tasting the foods, being emotional, having friends and she feels like she's falling inlove. But this is the last thing she needed, especially when the enemies have followed her straight to Snapperton.

My Review

I immediately got intrigued on the story after reading it's plot. If I remember correctly, other than Cinder by Marissa Meyer, I haven't read a cyborg story. So a cyborg story in a real world setting is new to me. And a total cyborg turning into human and falling inlove? Ok...I'm so reading it!

If not for the part of Jay being a cyborg, this story will just be be a typical YA Romance of a new girl who've fallen inlove with an ex-jock who all this time is just protecting someone from being a loser, plus all the cliche bullying stories etc. The cyborg part with incredible abilities definitely put the story's excitement to a new level. And for the cyborg to feel and fall in love is like the movie AI plus a love story.

I was anticipating lots of actions, with Jay's abilities and all so I was quite disappointed to have just an explosion and remnants of the actions in the end. I just wished I've "seen" Jay in action and "see" for myself her real capabilities. Well, other than that and my problem of sometimes forgetting Jay is the cyborg girl and not the guy (Jay is a guy's name you know, it gets time getting used to), I really enjoyed reading it. Reading Jay experience love for the very first time and thinking there's something literally wrong with her is quite refreshing. She's not a typical heroine that's innocent with all the gooey dooey things of love (because she's literally innocent from the like/love boyfriend-girlfriend thing, which is actually entertaining).

The fear and paranoia she's having as everything in her changes into more like a human is such a unique plot. I could feel what she's going through just by reading, it feels like I could relate with her even if I'm not a cyborg. Ms. Anderson's way in words exactly expresses what the characters are feeling - simple, natural and straight to the point.


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