Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Froi has lost her, but at least Quintana and their son is safe and he has survived the 8 arrows that almost killed him. And now that Froi is fine, he needs all the strength and army to find Quintana and their baby, the future king.

But Foi is torned between his two homes. There's Charyn, where his real father - Gargarin of Abroi, real mother - Lira of Serker, uncle - Arjuro of Abroi and his beloved Quintana of Charyn bearing his son. But also, there's Lumatere, where his queen Isaboe, her consort Finnikin and everyone who accepted him and loved him as their own regardless if they are not related by blood. In the midst of a blooming war, Froi is in between, while Quintana fights for her survival to bear the hope and futere of her kingdom.

My Review

The Lumatere Chronicles had given me a new and higher definition of an excellent story.  This book is beyond perfection, along with the two books that precede it. When I thought nothing could compare on how good Finnikin of the Rock and FOTExiles are, here comes Quintana of Charyn proving me wrong! Once again, I was transported in the world of Skuldenore and I totally enjoyed every second of it. All characters are so alive as before, it's like a dream that felt so real. The characters are like long lost friends that I miss so much!

I miss all the characters especially Isaboe and Finnikin. Oh I love them so much! Just to read Isaboe's name again made my day! I never stop adoring Isaboe's character. Her intelligence and capacity to rule is admirable. But this book gave Quintana the opportunity to shine, and boy did she shined well! I had a better understanding of Quintana. At first I was doubting her worth for Froi, but page after page, I could see the greatness in her. Her madness is synonymous to her greatness. Quintana and Isaboe at first glance are very different, Quintana is this mad young princess while Isaboe's moves shouts regality. But if you look closer, there are things that they are so much alike. Both of them suffered at a very young age, both strived to save their kingdom in any means they know of, and both have proven to be the rightful queen of their own kingdom. Every turn of events are written well, leaving no room for questions. And the ending? could I ask for more?! I guess not. This book has gifted me the satisfaction I searched for on all the last book of any series. Though I'm very well satisfied with the story, I can't help but wish there's a book just for Isaboe... Isaboe of Lumatre...I guess it would be great :) 

While reading, I can't help but think how intelligent this book is. Most of the books I read just entertain me, but this series is different. This book created a very strong hold on me. It attached on all characters as if I was exactly there, being part of their story. I just totally love how this was written. The depth of this story pierced right to my heart. I mentioned before how I wish the chronicle be put on movie, but now I don't want that. I'm afraid the movie could not meet the feeling of perfection I feel for this book.

I can't stop reading but I don't want to reach the end knowing this is the last one. Kudos for Melina Marchetta!


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