Crash by Nicole Williams

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Lucy Larson life is currently a mess. Just moved to their new home due to their financial crisis, a mother turning to the ice queen and a father who lost its presence, the only right thing in her world right now is dancing. She doesn't need someone like Jude Ryder, a troubled teen, got in jail for how many times he can't remember and scary acquaintances in her life. But the moment she set eyes on him, she just can't take out her mind off of him, even if he warned her how dangerous it is to be with him.

Then one night came for them to be together, confirming the attraction they had together is the same night showing how they can't be together.

So when Lucy thought what she and Jude had that time was a fling lost and forgotten by the other party, she met her once again in her new school as senior.

Even Jude had sworn he's the person who does not do dating and girlfriend, when he met Lucy, he started changing his mind. Being the overprotective bad boy he is, he starts wooing Lucy. But does their love/attraction to each other enough to forget everything that keeps them apart and is it strong enough to forget a dark past that they unknowingly share?

My Summary

First, let me say how I totally love the cover.The message in the picture already sums up the story. Definitely this cover beats "Wishing for Someday Soon" book cover.

I am putting this in the shelves along with "Beautiful Disaster," "Thoughtless," and "Effortless." If you are looking for that angsty story with a swoon-worthy bad boy that could sweep you off to your feet, you definitely need to check this out. This is mostly what it is, so I'm apologizing in advance if in further reading, you find yourselves noticing I'm comparing it to the books I mentioned and their characters.

The story is familiar as I've mentioned. But since I love these kind of stories, I totally enjoyed reading it. Lucy and Jude's love story is sweet and cute. They had a bumpy start but what they have is like a future movie to be made. Lucy's character is the typical heroine, a perfect girl with a future in mind. Then there's Jude, the bad boy whom everyone sees will only ruin the future Lucy is planning, but for both of them, they are so right together, until everything comes against their way.

I was expecting a dance story here, something like Step Up, and a little bit disappointed when I only read snippets of Lucy dancing. The cover and the plot made me expect much in the field of dancing. Though I'm not a dancer, I anticipated the scenes, thus the disappointment. But other than that, the book did not disappoint me further.

I love Jude's character, I believe that this story became effective and fun to read is because of his colorful character. However, I find most of his actions exaggerated. I find them sweet, yes, but too much. It feels like that awkward scene in the movie when I want to cover my ears and eyes on how cheesy it is going. It is too cheesy that it overwhelms the sweetness of the action, thus making it more corny. He's like Travis Maddox of Beautiful Disaster, but not the same level. He's sweet, jealous and overprotective but I guess nothing beats Travis Maddox in his magic. But cheesiness aside, I still love how the story goes. Thought at first I find the story shallow, with all the exaggerated ups and downs between the story, page by page, everything is going into place. And at the end, I finally get it why they are how they are. So in the end, it finally made sense. This is not a shallow love story. The revelations in the end made it a better story. :)


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