[ARR] Tide's Ebb by Alexandra Brenton

Monday, October 15, 2012

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A city lawyer, Marianna had known a weallthy life all her life. It's all about her work, signature clothes and shoes, high priced foods and boyfriend. Then, she was sent to Rhode Island, totally opposite of the life sge's used to. Here she met Larry, a yacht captain who saved his life. She knows he has nothing she wanted for a man, but there's no doubt that she's attracted to him. But is attraction enough?

My Review

First of all, I would like to apologize to the author. She's been nice enough to offer her book to me for review. But since she's expecting an honest review, I would do that with so much honesty. But to justify my upcoming words, I'll admit that I am not the right reader to do this review. I wasn't expecting that this book is what is it. I almost closed my reader and stop reading, but my respect and appreciation to the author made me continue reading. 

The story is very shallow, and most of the words I don't understand. THe worst part is, I have this feeling I don't exactly wan to know what those terms are. It would be a very nice story, if it did not revolve to only one thing -sex. Marianna relates everything to it. Even the most serious thing in the story, that almost tragedy, she can't think of anything but that... seriously??? And if not that, it is about signature shoes, clothes, high salary being a lawyer and extravagant foods... it feels like a trying-hard-to-be-sex-in-the-city-story. And with all the apologies I could give, I would tag this as the worst love story I have ever read.


Liesel K Hill said...

LOL. Sorry this was such a disappointment. Doesn't sound like something I would normally like either. Thanks for the honest review, though. Hope the author understands.

Miss Bookgineer said...

Good thing Ms. Alexandra is a good sport. I respected her more when she accepted my review kindly. :)

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