Clash by Nicole Williams

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Finally, Jude and Lucy are together. Living their freshmen in college, Lucy in Juilliard and Jude at Syracuse as the famous quarterback. After everything that they've been through, Lucy was expecting everything would now go well. But fate isn't done with them yet. here are still other issues they have not faced that would challenge them as a couple. There's still the past that haunts them. The family dispute they subtly have that caused Lucy's brother's life, the Adriana Vix that wants Jude by herself and the trust issues again...on a whole new level.

With a rollercoaster hell of a ride, could Lucy and Jude's love once again surpass it and have their happily ever after for good?

My Review

I have praised the cover of Crash, and this one I also love, if not of the awkward way this was cut. At one glance, I really love it, equally nice as the first book's cover, then I notice shoulders and up...isn't that feel quite akward? haha

Once again, I was looking forward to a lot of dance scenes... Lucy is in Juilliard hello??! But I'll let it go since I'm loving the story. It's still the same as Crash. Lucy and Jude has their issues. Lucy is on trusting Jude and keeping her away from girls who wants him, and Jude, his past and anger management.

Then why I did keep on reading? This is because Jude and Lucy got a hold of me. No matter what I say on this book, I can't stop thinking what happened to Jude and Lucy. All throughout the book, I was getting frustrated on what's happening in their relationship. They're hot and cold relationship. One second they're kissing, almost doing it then the next second they're throwing everything in the room. But it came natural to them. Maybe because I finally get why they are like that. 

I find myself smiling on how cute Jude is when hes jealous and overprotective. He definitely levelled up from the cheesy and corny Jude I've read in Crash. His sweetness suddenly pops out out of nowhere and it made me smile foolishly. 

"Call my girl 'love' again. She's mine. I get to call her that. Not some pissant jerk-off with a big mouth"

"I could pick you out even if I was playing in the Superdome and you were tucked into the back row"

Jude is finally finding how his sweetness and over protectiveness becomes sweet. Then there's Lucy. Why does I feel like that every arguments and issues they have faced in this book started because of her??? Maybe she's right...she became different with Jude and not Jude's fault. Good thing everything came back to its proper place, or I would be hating Lucy all my life. 

And when Lucy is getting back her senses, I love all the words. The wisdom, advises and epiphanies. It's like someone is advicing me personally. THe last part became a relationship book that I would recommend it to anyone who has their significant someone, especially to young-adults. Even if you won't relate with the angsy relationship Jude and Lucy has, how they defined relationship and love in it is a bulls eye.

"Love is what brings you together, Lucy. But it's the blood, sweat, and tears of hard work that keeps you together."


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